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~Recent Site Updates~

  • Feb '19 --I've finally finished the State Professional Associations. This one was a bit of work on the code, because of Yahoo. :-(     But I hope someone will find it useful!

    Updated the National Professional Assn links and the Website Scripts #2 page.
    Updated the Provider Website pages.
    Updated the Web Site Scripts pages 1 and 2.
    Updated the FavLinks page. Have included over 50+ free listing websites along with some $$ one.
    Updated Graphic Links page, removed many sites.

  • July '10 -- A Blog Roll of Moms, Teachers, and Child Care Providers with Blogs offering educational ideas has been added.

  • Dec. '09 -- A page of National Professional Associations was added. Updated the Graphic page links and the Provider pages links AND added new content to both.

    Please make sure to visit the Site Map for complete access to all the Site.

    Yahoo no longer supports PHP includes, so the site is being redesiged with fewer pages showing the entire menu.

  • Aug. '09 -- Page of Parent Articles of Interest added.
  • July '09 -- The alphabetical list of nursery rhymes, fingerplays, and other songs was added.
  • Oct. '08 -- The page of recipes for arts & crafts was added.
  • Nov. '07 -- The site was redone to a less graphic intense site to improve loading times.

~What We Are Working On~

    Jan '11 --
  • A page of Licensing Information per State.
  • A page of online Support for Educators.
  • Creating some free Printables.
  • Offering Parent and Provider Articles in both DOC and PDF (printable).
  • Updating/Adding to Favorite Links.
  • Working on a By-State listing of Providers/Centers
  • A page of Cooking with Kids recipes.

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