Resources for Everyday Child Care

Provider Articles of Interest

Advertising Your Home Daycare:
Jana Funk; Extension Home Economist {Oklahoma State University}
Building Positive Parent Relations:
Annette T. Fitzgerald; Extension Home Economist {Cooperative Extension System}
CACFP Information
CACFP Meal Requirements:
Constance A. Bettis; District Specialist {Communities, Families and Youth Cooperative Extension}
Daycare Liability Insurance:
Elaine Wilson; Parenting Specialist {Oklahoma State University}
Easing Separation Anxiety:
Carol Thiel, M.S.; Parent Educator {Missouri Parents as Teachers Program}
Financial Records, Fees & Taxes:
Marilyn Burns; Home-Based Business Specialist {Oklahoma State University}
Interviewing Parents:
Nancy F. Morse, M.A.; Instructor {Parkland College, Champaign, Illinois}
Parent & Provider Contracts & Policies:
Lesia Oesterreich, M.S.; Family Life Extension Specialist {Iowa State University}
Setting Fees:
Kim Goodfellow, M.S.; South Dakota State University

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