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Artists having linkware and/or inexpensive purchaseware available for use/purchase

Do you know of a graphic site not included here? Would you like your graphic site listed?
Feel free to Email Us the website address.
EdCC is not responsible for contents either linked or referred from these sites on other websites or for any postings in Blogs, Guestbooks or Comments, site Ads, or Message/Tag Boards et al. All sites were viewed in 12/2009 and they are family friendly and have no illegal contents.

Many sites were removed at that time as they are no longer active or switched content. A few pixel sites are included here but they must offer some websets that could be used by educators.

NOTE-Before making a purchase make sure the Graphic Artist is still involved with the site. Send them an email asking about their selections. If you get a bounced email, please Email Us so they can be removed from this list.

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A Kids Heart
Holiday and Christian linkware clipart.
A Touch of Pixels
Some linkware backgrounds and outlines.
Aleja's Graphics
Very cute linkware. Request use via email.
Amreta's Graphics
Inspired linkware section. No commercial license is required. Purchaseware [uses Emetrix, but also accepts gift certificates for amount of purchase in exchange].
Anita's Graphics
Some attractive linkware websets, calendars, and adoptions. Purchaseware.
Anja´s Kramkiste
Some nice linkware websets. Site is in German. I translated it but needed to use in order for it to work properly.

[choose 'Country Graphics' then approve terms by scrolling down to 'Ja...halten']
Anne~Marie Graphics
Purchaseware (collections and websets). Member's only area and special deals.


BackWoods Creations
Some cute linkware and also Purchaseware.
Bear Essential Graphics
Attractive linkware sig-tags and backgrounds. Purchaseware.
BuzyBee Graphics
Cute websets/pagesets linkware. Additional graphics in Member's-Only area. DCPs are considered personal ($16 one-time fee).


Caleb's Country Corner Web Graphics
LOTS of free cute linkware websets/pagesets. Also sig-tags, calendar, and anime. Christian and military clipart/sig-tags/websets.
Cobblestone Country Creations
Adorable websets. No longer being updated so former member's area is now linkware.
Cool Baby Graphics
Free linkware. BUT there is a $19.95 fee per website for commercial sites {DCPs who don't sell anything MAY qualify as a personal site}. Purchaseware at main page.
Cosmic Handmade
Linkware with a special purpose (ie autism, cancer) available under "Care to Share" as well as Purchaseware.
Cottontail Graphics [CTG]
Very cute free (although password protected) linkware sigtags/websets. Purchaseware.
Country Delights Graphics
Delightful graphics. Purchaseware and Member's Only area.
Country Garden
Cute Country graphic purchaseware websets and some linkware.
Country Heart Designs
LOTS of adorable free linkware websets/pagesets. Commercial registration fee of $15.00. Purchaseware
Country Lane Graphics
Cute graphics. Registration fee of $12.00 every six months. Members-only graphics.
Country Luv'n Clipart
Cute country graphics. Free linkware clipart. NO commercial license required.
Country Manor Graphics
Very attractive free linkware websets/pagesets. Commercial sites must pay $20 for unlimited use. Purchaseware. *Site best viewed using Internet Explorer*
Country Patch Collections
Superb Victorian free linkware pagesets/websets. NO commercial license required. Purchaseware.
Cute Colors
Way too cute free linkware websets/pagesets. NO commercial license required. Purchaseware.
Cute Country Lane
Pixil Graphics. Purchaseware.
Cute Creations Designs
Cute free linkware pagesets/websets. Located on Index page under "Free Downloads". Purchaseware.


Daisy Dreams
Cute free linkware pagesets/websets. Additional graphics in Members-only area; DCPs *seem* to be personal per her TOUs. Purchaseware
Devotional Doodles
Attractive linkware and Purchaseware.
Dotty's Diner
Many free victorian-esque linkware websets/pagesets. Email her for info on using them commercially.






Gone Country Graphics
Some free primitive country linkware websets/pagesets. Purchaseware.
Free whimsical, primitive Linkware. (formerly Wishes & Whim Graphics)
Cute Country-ish linking websets along with some printables. Some of the site is in Italian.
Grandma George's Country Homespun Graphics
Lots of free country linkware items: Pagesets, clipart, magnets, labels and more. Purchaseware. Commercial registration is $20.00.
GranGran's Graphics
Many Many free cute linkware backgrounds/borders sets, borders, signs, and clipart. Email her for more information about commercial registrations.
Graphic Garden
One of THE most popular sites on the Net for cute graphics. Lots of cute free linkware pagesets/websets, clipart, and signs. Purchaseware. Free use for commercial sites.
Graphics by Irene
Attractive free linkware section: pageset/websets, clipart, anime, printables & wallpaper. Purchaseware. Commercial registration fee is $40.00 [one-time fee].
Graphics By Ivy
Lots of really nice free websets/pagesets, backgrounds, borders, anime, sigtags and blinkies. Commercial registration is not required.
The Graphics Shoppe Club
Membership required to access over 7000 graphics/clipart. Mix of primitive, country, and whimsy graphics.


Hattie's Workshop
Limited free linkware [backgrounds]. Purchaseware. Primitive country designs. Commercial registration is $45.00 [one-time fee].
Heart to Me
[Sana's Cliparts]

Lots of nice free linkware: icons, buttons, lines, digits, backgrounds, and themed sets. No commercial registration required.
Heartland Graphics
Cute Purchaseware and Clipart available for usually low rates.
Hearts Enchanted
Linkware of older websets from Fairy Ink (site closed).
Heartwarming Holidays
Attractive free linkware pagesets/websets. Purchaseware. Commercial registration is $10.00 [one-time fee].
Home Sweet HomePage [HSHP] Country Graphics
Many free country linkwares: pagesets/websets, sigtags, blinkies & backgrounds. Purchaseware. Commercial registration is not required.


Inspiration Graphics
Whimsy Country linkware websets.


J. Rett Graphics
Cute Whimsical websets available by membership or purchasing single or multi-webset CDs.
Just Jane Graphics
Various webpages of linkware: backgrounds; sigtags; quilt squares; mini furniture; country clipart; and teaching sigtags. No registration required.


Kari's Graphics
Some free linkware page sets and Purchaseware. Although I don't think this site is active.
Katharina's Graphics Corner
Very adorable linkware pagesets/websets. No registration required.
Kellie's Creations Graphics
Some very nice Country graphics. Member's Area and Linkware Area (registration required).


LJG Designs
Purchaseware made up of cute graphic sets and real-life web design sets
Laurie's Treasure Chest
Primarily Country graphics in a Member's only area. Registration is free.
Lavender Garden
Cute pagesets and adoptables. No commercial registration required.
Members' Only Area and Purchaseware.


Mable's Makings
A fabulous site. There are no "freebies" but the membership section is well worth it. Purchaseware. Membership is $20.00 for personal use. DCPs would seem to qualify as personal per the terms.
Mary's Little Lamb
Adorable graphics. The linkware is set up as a mix and match. Purchaseware.
Mimika's Craft Room
User name and password provided for Linkware section. It contains numerous websets, printables, and coloring pages (and more).




Original Country Clipart by Lisa
LOTS of adorable free linkware websets/pagesets. Business registration is required [includes daycares] for use of linkware. Purchaseware.


PCC Graphics
Both free and paid graphic sections. The free section (registration required) offers backgrounds, websets, clipart, printables, and templates. Country and primitive graphic selections.
Pippies Premades
Free registration to enter linkware area. Cute site.
Prim Graphics
Nice selection of attractive Primitive Country graphics. Purchaseware.
Primsy Doodle Designs
Purchaseware of primitive country clipart and websets.




Rajiv's Prim Cliparts
Really adorable primitive graphics. Linkware and Purchaseware. No commercial registration is required.
Recycle Bin Graphics
Some of the best primitive/country graphics available. Purchaseware. Member's area is $22. registration/$17. renewal/year. No commercial registration needed.
Renee's Graphics
Her member's area graphics include many websets, mini-calendars, banners & backgrounds. A personal website membership is $10 and a commercial website membership is $20. The Membership is for the lifetime of the _site_.
Ritva's Gallery
Beautiful websets and mini-sets. Her graphics are for personal sites only.


Scrappin' Doodles
Purchaseware of prim country clipart and websets. Check out the "retiring soon" selection for discounts on old websets.
Sno's Studio [Graphix by *snogirl]
Vast collection of linkware alphabet sets, websets of almost everything, clipart, and sigtags.
SnowBird FolkArt
Purchaseware of primitive/country websets.
Sparky's Creations
Very cute linkware websets for personal site use only.
Strawberry Fields
Cute linkware background websets. Site is no longer being updated.
Sunny Corner Graphics
Some linkware graphics. You can also design you own triple backgrounds: Sunny Corner Graphics Triple Backs
Susan's Backgrounds & Wallpapers
Many many backgrounds in various themes available as linkware.
Sweet Rainbow
Some cute linkware items for use on personal sites only. The site has linkware clipart including websets, adoptions, sigtags, and printables. The site is in Italian and English, with some mixing throughout.


Tea's Hope Chest
Elegant looking linkware available by emailing Owner for username & password. Purchaseware also.
ThistleGirl Designs
Primarily Member-Only graphics but some freebies.















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